Conservative Dentistry

The departments and dental disciplines of University of Dental Medicine, Yangon are according to the British Dental Schools as the college opened under the Colombo Plan aid. The curriculum used in the Department of Conservative Dentistry was also adopted from the British Dental Schools. With the emergence of Revolution Council of Government of Myanmar in 1974, the curriculum was adopted to community based dentistry. Gradually, the curriculum was revised through the educational seminars under the influence of the Department of Medical Science, Ministry of Health. In 1998, an establishment of a new University of Dental Medicine was made in Mandalay. The departments and dental disciplines of our new university were adopted according to the University of Dental Medicine, Yangon.



Accordingly, the Department of Conservative Dentistry deals the following dental disciplines:

1.         Operative Dentistry (Junior and Senior Operative Courses)

2.         Dental Material Science

3.         Fixed prosthesis

4.         Endodontics

                        Our department is responsible to teach students to realize the etiologies of tooth wears enabling to deal with appropriate restorative procedures. It is also a department to train the dental students in endodontic procedures with respective pulp pathology and to plan an efficient fixed prosthesis.

The clinic of Department of Conservative Dentistry is the busiest in the University of Dental Medicine, Mandalay and provides patients whose require various intra and extra coronal restorations, fixed prosthesis and esthetics concerned procedures. 3rd, 4th and 5th year dental students are assigned to the under graduate conservative clinic to conduct operative, restorative and endodontic trainings. Full time faculty members of the department provide close supervision in undergraduate treatment procedures. Regarding to the complexity and difficulty of the treatment, some patients are referred to the faculty members and graduate students.

The Graduate Conservative program includes construction in complex Fixed Prosthodontics integrated with Removable Prosthodontics, esthetic and Implant Prosthodontics and Microscopic Endodontics. The graduate conservative program is 27 months (Including basic medical science) in duration and award a Master of Dental Science (Conservative Dentistry) (MDSc Conservative Dentistry).A 12 months lasted graduate program awards Diploma in Dental Science (General Practioner).There is also a 3 year doctorate graduate program in our department and it provide an award of Doctor in Dental Science (Dr. DSc). MDSc and Dr. DSc program require comprehensive treatment  plan and complement of a research project in conjunction with an intensive operative and endodontic training.

                        Tooth surface treatment for caries prevention, caries research, various treatment modalities of esthetics and microscopic endodontics would be the future interest of Department of Conservative Dentistry.