Prof : Dr Ko Ko
B.D.S, M.D.Sc (Ygn), Dr.D.Sc (Ygn), Dip.Med.Ed., F.I.C.C.D.E., F.I.C.D.
University of Dental Medicine, Mandalay

Rector’s Welcome Message

Warmly welcome to the University of Dental Medicine, Mandalay (UDM, Mdy). University of Dental Medicine Mandalay was established as a government official dental educational institution on October 22, 1998. University of Dental Medicine, Mandalay is located in middle of Myanmar, in Mandalay region, which is considered as Land of Learned Dental students of Myanmar. The main purpose of our university is to nurture the basic dental surgeons who should provide primary oral health care and management of common oral diseases in community   measure.  Moreover, our university is also the teaching hospital where many people received the effective and proper dental treatment. Our university dental clinics handle more than 7000 (2019) dental out patients within a year, offering comprehensive and affordable oral health care to adults and children patients. Our curricula are designed to facilitate the outcome based teaching learning methodology and healthcare practitioners, as well as to help them reach their intellectual, interpersonal and spiritual potential.

      Extra curricula activities such as sports, religions, debate, and fresher’s welcome party are included and all students participate actively with great pleasure. Our faculty members of the respective disciplines are now responsible for undergraduate as well as postgraduate courses, eg. M.D.Sc courses, Ph.D courses and Dr.D.Sc course and Diploma courses.

         On behalf of the university of dental medicine, I warmly welcome and invite you to become a part of our family as a dental student to be enjoyable academic study of  dentistry for better outcomes of their desired features. I hope that our university website will provide various interesting information about the dental faculty of ours.