University of Dental medicine,Mandalay was first established in 1998, October 1st , in the compound of University of Medicine, Mandalay. First intake was commenced in 29th November, 1999. On 11th December,2000, the University was moved to this situation,62nd Street, Chanmyatharzi township, Mandalay. Biochemistry Department is situated at first floor of main building, room No C201, 204, 206, 208. The first Lecturer and Head of Biochemistry Department was Dr U Hla Aung, M.B.,B.S , M.Med.Sc (Biochemistry),certificate in M.E (1999-2000).He was transferred to Department of Medical Research, upper Myanmar. The Biochemistry subject commenced in (2000-2001) academic year for 2nd B.D.S students. At that time, only one demonstrator was present in this department. Thus, the head and staff members from Biochemistry department of University of Medicine,Mandalay took over the responsibility to teach Biochemistry in 2nd B.D.S. On 24th June,2003, Dr. Daw Win Mar was transferred to here as a lecturer and head of Department of Biochemistry, University of Dental Medicine, Mandalay. Moreover, Basic MedicalScience course for M.D.Sc students has been started since December,2012. At present, theBiochemistry Department has a Head ( Lecturer ), two demonstrators and one laboratory staff. It is run by the present Head Dr. Daw Win Mar and staff members.