Oral & Maxillofacial Science

1. The specialty of oral and maxillofacialsurgery and the scope of the specialty.

2. Principles of surgical discipline.

3. Recognition of medically compromisedpatients and the management of these patients.

4. Recognition, diagnosis and the treatment ofcommon and uncommon oral infections, fracture involving the jaws, the headinjury and the temporomandibular joint disorders.

5. Congenital, acquired defects and deformitiesinvolving oral and paraoral, hard and soft tissues.

6. Premalignant conditions and malignancies ofthe oral cavity especially in the early stages of the disease.

7. Indications and interpretations of specialinvestigations and common adjunctory tests used in oral surgery.

8. Preprosthetic surgery to produce therequired denture bearing area.