Department of Microbiology was founded with the development of University (then-Institute)of Dental medicine, Mandalay. No students at all for two years, waiting for the first intake students to reach 3rd. BDS. during which preparation of lecture guides, collection of reagents and laboratory apparatus, preparation of slides were vigorously done. Teaching programs for 3rd B.D.S commenced at 2002. BasicMedical Sciences Courses started at 2013. The first Head of Department was Dr. Daw Aye Win Kyi M.B.,B.S M.Med,Sc (Microbiology). After a brief period directly supervised by the Head of Department of Microbiology fromUniversity of Medicine, Mandalay, Dr. Daw Khin Nyein Wan M.B.,B.S M.Med,Sc(Microbiology) became head of the Department at 2002 . Dr. Daw Synn TheingiiM.B.,B.S M.Med,Sc (Microbiology) followed Dr. Daw Khin Nyein Wan at 2011.Current Head of Department is Dr. Daw Ohnmar Kyaw Myint becoming Head ofDepartment on 2013.